Math center freebie!


It’s freebie time!  Here’s a free math game called Ten Frame Flash that my students are loving right now (click on any of the images to be taken to the download)

Player 1 has a stack of ten frame cards, each with dots for the numbers 1-10.

Player 2 has a blank ten frame (laminated), a marker, and an eraser.

Player 1 quickly flashes the ten frame card (for 3 seconds), and then hides it.  Player 2 must draw the number of dots that he/she saw.  Player 2 must also tell Player 1 how many dots there were.

Then, Player 1 and Player 2 check Player 2’s work using the original flashed ten frame.  Player 1 can give positive feedback to Player 2, or give help to correct the drawing.

Before sending your kids to play this in independent math centers, play it in a small group a couple of times.  Explicitly discuss strategies the kids can use for quickly noticing how many dots there are (counting the dots quickly if there are just a few, noticing how many blank frames there are, noticing how many more/less there are than 5 or 10, etc.).  If there are nine dots, for example, you might say, “I knew right away that there were nine dots, because I saw one blank frame.  One less than ten is nine, so I knew to draw nine dots.”


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