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Teaching little ones is hard work! One of my top goals with Learning At The Primary Pond is to help make your life as a teacher a bit easier. One of the ways I strive to do this is through my Literacy Clubs. I have a Kindergarten Literacy Club (KLC) and a 1st & 2nd Grade Literacy Club. As a member, you get access to the online site and ALL of its materials! I believe that you deserve to have easy-to-use literacy resources that are research-based and fun to use with your students!

Curious about what’s included in the clubs? In this post, I’m going to give you a peek inside my Literacy Clubs! I also have a Free Trial available that you can access on your own phone or computer, so you can see what it’s like AND grab a ton of free goodies!

Having somewhere to go where you can get small group resources, centers, professional development, and more is so helpful if you're a Kindergarten, 1st grade, or 2nd grade teacher! In this blog post, I'll give you a peek inside my literacy clubs so you can see everything that's there!

As I tell my Literacy Club members, “We are here to help you work less, enjoy your job more, and give your students what they need to succeed!”

Literacy Club members receive brand new materials for teaching literacy every single month – this includes tons of differentiated center activities, as well as decodables and lesson plans for small group.

In addition, Club members get ongoing support through our monthly trainings, live Q&A sessions, and members-only support groups. We are genuinely here to help – this is not a “here are the materials; good luck!” type of membership!

Home Pages for Literacy Clubs

When you become a member of either KLC or the 1st & 2nd Grade Literacy Club, you’ll get instant access to the site and all the materials! We’ll help you save time and stay passionate about teaching through resources and trainings.

Here’s a shot of what the private members’ area of the Literacy Clubs look like:

Kindergarten Literacy Club
1st & 2nd Grade Literacy Club

As you can see, there’s a lot included!!

The Welcome Video gives you an overview of what to expect and look for! Then, there is a “New Monthly Materials” button that will quickly take you to the most recently uploaded monthly materials, webinar, and Q&A session. Brand new materials are added by the 1st of each month!

Every month, there is a webinar as part of professional development on a new topic. I also host a live monthly Q&A session for members where they can attend and ask questions about anything, and this is also recorded!

Let’s dig in a bit more into some of the other things you’re seeing on these home pages!

Small Group Resources

As a member of either KLC or 1st & 2nd Grade Literacy Club, you receive NEW small group resources every month. These include teacher sheets to accompany decodable texts for your students. Nothing is ever recycled; it’s all fresh year after year!

Here’s a snapshot on the website from KLC small group resources:

Here’s what it looks like for 1st & 2nd Grade:

On both sites, the teacher sheets and decodable texts are laid out by difficulty level so you can easily go in and search for/access the texts that make sense for your students based on their needs!

(Remember, to actually go on the site yourself and look more in-depth at the materials, sign up for a Free Trial!)

Center Materials

When you join the Literacy Clubs, you will also receive tons of centers each month! On the sites, the centers are broken down by skill. For instance, in the KLC, there are “CVC Words and Word Families,” “Literacy-Based Play,” and “Phonological Awareness” buttons/options, just to name a few.

Here’s what it looks like under the “CVC Words and Word Families” section on the site, so you can see some of the centers provided:

On the 1st & 2nd Grade website, some of the types of centers include “Grammar,” “Phonics Activities,” and “Writing,” Here is a snapshot of the “Phonics Activities” section.

All of the Extras

On the website, you’ll also see some sidebar buttons with tons of “extras!” Under “Literacy Essentials,” you’ll get access to Literacy Club resources that will help support your literacy instruction throughout the year – materials such as assessments and parent letters.

The “Professional Development Webinars” button takes you to a page that provides supportive videos! There are a range of topics, and this is always being added to and updated based on current research!

One other feature of the site to note is the “Intervention Central” section. No matter how strong your instruction is, there will always be a need for intervention with certain students. This area includes even MORE resources on high frequency words, phonics & decoding, phonological awareness, fluency, and comprehension. Don’t forget to check out all of the extras when looking through the Free Trial (note that as a full member, you will have access to many more resources than what’s included in the trial).

Lastly, if you are looking for something in particular, the site allows you to quickly search using the search button at the top. And if you are still wanting more or not seeing exactly what you’re looking for, there is a “Request Box” option! Our team is constantly reading through the requests and considering them for future resources!


I hope this peek inside my Literacy Clubs gave you a better understanding of what is included! The Clubs only open for new members twice per year – in January and July. However, you can get access to sample materials and trainings by signing up for a Free Trial!

Happy teaching!


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I’m Alison, a literacy specialist. I love getting kids excited about reading and writing – and sharing teaching ideas with other teachers!

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