I’m Alison, founder of Learning At The Primary Pond. We’re here to help every child gain the literacy skills they need to succeed in school and in life.

Check out how we support teachers, schools, districts, and parents in this endeavor.

Support for Teachers

Teaching little ones is hard work! We’ll help you save time and stay passionate about teaching through our free trainings, TpT products, memberships, courses, and instructional programs. We believe that you deserve to have easy-to-use resources that are research-based and fun to use with your students!

Support for Schools & Districts

We help schools and districts set teachers and students up for success with literacy learning. Our extensive suite of literacy curricula, professional development packages, courses, and memberships make it easy to give your teachers the training and resources they need.

Support for Parents

Our high-quality reading and writing resources are also loved by parents! From our TpT products to our coaching program for parents of struggling readers, we help you give your child the gift of a solid foundation in literacy.

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