My Homemade Planner

Hey there!  I’m on Day 3 of no school due to the cold…meaning that we’ve had school for a grand total of 2 days during the past 3 weeks, thanks to winter break!  Eesh!  Going back for a full week next week is gonna be rough.  Assuming, that is, that the temps actually climb above -300 degrees. 😉

Anyway, I’ve been getting a lot done during these days off. Something I accomplished yesterday was getting my 2015 planner ready.  Recently, I’ve taken to making my own planners.  I tend to be rather…particular…about the pages in my planner!  So when I couldn’t find one in stores that I liked, my husband suggested I make my own.  Genius, husband!!  

I found out that planners are really pretty easy to make, once you figure out what you’re doing.  (I actually made one this past summer, but then decided I wanted a new layout for 2015.)  I print out the pages I want on my own printer – I use card stock for the monthly pages and regular paper for the weekly pages.  Then, I take it to Office Depot, where they bind it and add a frosted cover and back cover for some durability.  Voila!  It’s very inexpensive and I get just what I want.

Some of my planner consists of blank calendar pages.  They’re nothing fancy – I write in the dates so I can reuse the same calendar in other years.  If you’d like to download the free pages for your personal use, just click on the image below.

Happy teaching (and planning!)