Kindergarten 2-D Geometry Pack


Happy holidays, readers!  I had a wonderful Christmas with Mr. Lilypad 🙂 but am already dreading going back to work (just a little bit)!  I think that once Christmas is over, I inevitably start thinking ahead to what’s next.  Fortunately we don’t go back to the 7th, so I really should just enjoy my time off and leave the worrying till later!   

For some entertainment during a car trip to visit Mr. Lilypad’s family, I started working on a geometry pack for my kiddos for the spring.  The new Common Core-based curriculum we’re using doesn’t really cover geometry till toward the end of the year, but hopefully I can sneak in some extra practice before then.

I just finished up the materials, and can’t wait to use them with my students!  I love having printables ready ahead of time, so I can just print and laminate when that unit comes up.  Here’s what the pack includes:

– 3 pages of colored shapes to print and cut OR the same shapes in black and white (you could also definitely use this pack with pattern blocks, if you have them).  Included are squares, circles, rectangles, triangles, ovals, and hexagons.

– 11 pages of shape sorting mats, so your kiddos can sort by shape, shape name, number of sides, and vertices (corners)

– 1 “parts of a shape” diagram

– 4 pages of practice for identifying and counting sides and vertices

– 3 pages of practice for writing shape names, using smaller shapes to form larger shapes, and for tracing and drawing shapes.

Grab it here for some easy, printable fun!


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