This Week in Intervention: Using A Reading Strategies Menu


This week I started doing my 2nd grade group a little differently.  My 2nd graders are reading at a mid-Kindergarten level, but they all have slightly different needs.  They are also very easily distracted. 🙂 SO instead of trying to read with all 3 of them at once, I’ve set up mini-centers so that I can read with them individually.

Right now I’m using an iPod and an iPad to keep the kids who are not reading with me busy learning, and I’m hoping to create some more options for the mini-centers soon.  Trying to see 3 of them individually in 30 minutes feels a little rushed (we also do a few minutes together at the beginning and end of the lesson) but I hope it will pay off.

One of my second graders tends to get frustrated when he gets to a word and doesn’t know what it is.  Can you blame him, though?  This is his third year of struggling in school.  I’d be frustrated too!  I’m trying to empower him to use strategies instead of sitting there and getting upset.  So, I created this reading strategies menu to help him see (visually) that he has options:

When I was going over each part with him, I didn’t do it all in one day, and I covered up the others to help him focus on one strategy box at a time.  When I want him to use a certain strategy, I just point to one of the boxes.  This helps prevent me from talking too much and interrupting his thinking.

If you want to download it for free (in English or Spanish), click on one of the images above.

Happy teaching!


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9 years ago

Thanks for sharing. These will be perfect for my kids who still need practice choosing a strategy.

8 years ago

Thank you!!! I was just talking to my colleagues about the need for my students to use the strategies that they know.

8 years ago

Hello, I am trying to download your Spanish reading strategies file, but I am not able to. Is there any way you can email to me as an attachment. I teach dual language 1st grade and it is exactly what I need! 🙂
Thank you

8 years ago

Gracias por la informacion!

8 years ago

I used the Spanish menu for the first time Friday, and put a little post-it flag on the estrategia I wanted each student to focus on that day. Showing that finger helping focus on the first syllable was a really great visual reminder for them! What are your thoughts on a strategy like: Junta las sílabas para leer la palabra completa? . . . maybe with the whole word “mochila” in a color and then an arrow or underline below it? I guess it may seem like an obvious goal, but I have a few kids who will read “Sa-ca-ron… Read more »

Dennise De La Cruz
5 years ago

Excellent source to utilize during small groups! Thank you!!

Rosa Morales
5 years ago

Excellent Alison. Yo sigo ese esquema pero no había hecho un chart como este. Gracias.
Cual es tu instagram para seguirte?

4 years ago

Hi! Can you share what reading menu you use for levels A-D. Thank you!!!

Sylvia Fojo
4 years ago

Thank you very much. Awesome!!!!

Carolyn Rapoport
1 year ago


I found this awesome resource somewhere but I cannot find the download that includes the version with “look at the picture” for beginning readers. Can you please direct me to that version?

Thank you!


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