From Scientist to Second Grade Teacher: Renea’s Journey into Education as a Second Career

Thinking about switching careers?

Changing career paths as an adult can be really intimidating. But it can also be 100% worth it!

For this post, I interviewed Renea A., a second grade teacher in Georgia. She didn’t follow a “traditional” path into education; rather, she decided to become an elementary school teacher after a successful, multi-year career in the sciences!

Whether you’re happily employed as a teacher, considering a second career in education, or thinking about switching career paths in general, I think you’ll love hearing Renea’s story. It’s so inspirational!! (I think you’ll especially love hearing how she ended up making the change in the first place!)

You can listen to our chat here:

I also had it transcribed in case you’d prefer to read! Click HERE to read the transcript.

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Thinking about changing careers and becoming a teacher? You'll love hearing about Renea's journey and transition into education! Listen to our interview in this post.
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