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Are your desk name tags falling off?!

Are your desk name tags falling off yet?!  I know in my classroom, the tape was usually half peeled off and the tags were just gross-looking by this time in the year!  Not this year, though!  

At the beginning of this year, a teacher friend showed me how to just write on the kiddos’ desks to label them with their names!

Sorry for the glare!  You just use a Sharpie oil-based paint marker to write the names on, and then you can wipe them off at the end of the year (color over them with dry erase marker, and then wipe clean).

I will say that I’m not 100% sure what material our desks are made from, so I would definitely try just a teeny bit on one of your desks before writing all over them.  

If you do still like the more traditional desk name tags, I have very inexpensive printable sets available in my TpT store.  For polka dot or chevron name tags, click here.  For a fun assortment of sports and animal themed name tags, click here.  

Happy name tagging!

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Sara Ann

Oh my gosh I would love for this to work on my tables. I was justlooking at them today thinking how yucky they look and that I need to make new ones.

Ms. Lilypad's Primary Pond

You should totally try it! I had even prepared all my desk nametags at the beginning of the year when I learned about this, and I just tossed them all. This is so much easier!!