Where To Find Books in Spanish For Primary Students


If you’re a bilingual teacher like me, you know just how difficult it is to find quality books written in Spanish! Since I’ve always taught the primary grades, I feel like I see the same books over and over again. So where are all the Spanish books?!

The answer, unfortunately, is that there just aren’t a ton available. You’d think that there would be plenty of picture books in Spanish, given that 20,000 or more children’s books are published in the U.S. most years.

Even though a great number of children’s books are published, not many of those books are translated into Spanish. This is unfortunate, because there are so many Spanish-speaking children in bilingual and dual language programs across the U.S. (as well as English-speaking children who are learning Spanish).

Moreover, it’s actually better to have authentic literature that was written in Spanish first, rather than translations. Authentic literature is even harder to come by.

So where can you buy books in Spanish? I’ve done a lot of searching over the past few years, and here are some good options I’ve found:

Grab this list of great places to buy bilingual books / books in Spanish online!

  • Scholastic en español:  Picture books, leveled readers, and more!
  • Booksource:  Collections of books, including mentor texts for reading/writing workshop
  • Wilbooks:  Books for beginning readers, grades Pre-K through 2nd (included guided reading sets)
  • Lectorum:  LOTS of different books in Spanish
  • Creative Teaching Press (Learn to Read series – Spanish):  Books for beginning readers; more will be added in the coming months (some were translated by me!)

Amazon is also a good resource. I have an Amazon Prime membership and it’s totally worth it for the free 2-day shipping!

Do you have any sites to add to this list? Please comment below – I would love to add more links!

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Maceo Cabrera Estévez
7 years ago

Thanks for this list. I never heard of WilBooks and these are exactly the books I was looking for; I am homeschool my kids and they need little readers for Pre-K and Kindergarten. Please check out Booklandia, a subscription monthly service of Spanish and Bilingual children’s books. I take the guess work out for parents and teachers looking for books.

7 years ago

If your district is open to paying for a subscription (about 200 a year for a class subscription), you can check out RAZ kids. They have almost 1000 books in Spanish that students can read online, as well as listen to. Teachers can also print copies of each of the books to keep in their classroom or use in their guided teaching groups.

6 years ago
Reply to  Kathia

Excelent resource.I love Reading A-Z.Everything is there.You can find activities aligned with each book.

6 years ago is free for educators and has some spanish books as well.

6 years ago

BeBop has leveled readers in Spanish that work for guided reading as well as just giving the kids to read. It’s also great to go to book banks or places that give away used books away and hunt for children’s books in Spanish. I used to be a bilingual Special Education teacher, but it turned into so much work to constantly needing to translate materials and some days forgetting what language I was teaching in. Power to you for keeping that up!

Jabneel Henry
5 years ago

Thrift book (used books) you can filter to find spanish or bilingual books and with you purchase of 10.00 or more I think you can get free shipping. I gotten a few and picked the condition i wanted and they were awesome when I got them.

3 years ago

Hi! Another great place to find AMAZING Spanish texts is

Reply to  Stephanie

Thank you for sharing that website as an additional resource, Stephanie! 🙂

Brent Van
2 years ago

I totally agree with you that it’s hard to find good bilingual books for children.

The book Cuentos de la selva is not normally bilingual, but this video of the chapter La tortuga gigante has a nice bilingual version with inline translations.


Reply to  Brent Van

Thank you!

Jaimie Hicks
2 years ago

Thank you for this post! I work at a public library and I am trying to find children’s books in Spanish for elementary students that are more than just Dogman and I am having such a struggle. I really appreciate these suggestions.

Reply to  Jaimie Hicks

Great to hear!


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