Using Songs as Shared Reading


¡Hola!  The other day, I got a question from a reader regarding my Spanish folk song lyrics freebie.

She was wondering about where I found the tunes to the songs, since she didn’t know them all.  I thought I’d post the links in case anyone else was wondering, too.  The links are to Amazon, but you can also buy them on iTunes.



Going back through these and listening to some again made me miss teaching Kindergarten!  My kiddos loved these songs and never got tired of singing them.  I used them as shared reading at the beginning of the year, but they can really be used in Kinder or 1st at anytime throughout the year. 

The great thing about using song lyrics as shared reading is that you can give EVERY kid in the class a copy to read (or pretend read) the lyrics over and over.  You can have them highlight sight words, letters, syllables, capital letters, punctuation, or whatever you want them to focus on.  The kids can add the lyrics to their book bags or a poetry folder to read and reread throughout the year.  And, as we’re reaching the end of the school year, I always found that singing with my Kinders was a great way to calm them down when they were getting a bit rowdy. 🙂

I hope you enjoy these songs and lyrics as much as we did!


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Delia Garcia
4 years ago

Hi Allison,
I am interested in the spanish song lyrics but wasn’t able to open it.
Thank you


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