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Spring is just around the corner – I hope!  Here in the midwest, it is feeling a lot like winter (boo), even though spring break is just a week away (yay!).

I’ve been getting together my materials for our upcoming life cycles unit, so that we’ll be all ready when our caterpillar eggs arrive!  I begin the unit by teaching my kiddos the difference between living and nonliving things.  We discuss how living things change throughout their life cycles, and the kids bring in baby pictures to jump start a discussion about how they have changed since they were small.  From there, we move onto the butterfly life cycle, then the frog life cycle, then the chicken life cycle, and finally the plant life cycle.  The unit lasts a good 6 weeks or more, but the time is well spent because the kids really develop their science-related vocabulary and understand the “big idea” that living things grow and change throughout their lives.

Here are some of my kids’ favorite life cycle activities from the unit:

Vocabulary cards:


Lots of graphic organizers:
Printable books, ranging from easy…
…to more difficult:
Printable worksheets and assessment options, like this parts of a plant worksheet:
Crafts, with step-by step directions and photos for easy assembly:
I really do love this unit, and I get excited about teaching it every year!  
Click here or on the picture above to check out the bundle!


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11 years ago

Very cute! Isn’t teaching life cycles fun?? We’re learning about metamorphosis this week and they are having a blast!

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