It’s that time of year again…


Today I received my first kiddo gift of the season!  One of my little guys handed me a bracelet with the HUGEST grin on his face.  He was so excited to give it to me, and it just melted my heart!  His gift also made me remember what I forget to do Every.Single.Year.  I can never remember to buy thank you notes in advance for the last day of school before winter break!  Some years I completely forget, and some years I just don’t buy enough.  I usually spend my whole lunch break writing thank you notes, because I want to send them home with my little ones before they go on break (and completely forget that they even gave me anything!).

This year…I have a solution!  I made these free thank you cards to print out on cardstock.  They are four to a sheet, so I can quickly print, cut, and write them.  I have to admit, I am kind of proud of myself for actually preparing these in advance. 🙂

There is a set in English and a set in Spanish –  click on any one of the pictures to download for free.  I hope they help make this time of year a little bit less crazy for you!


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I’m Alison, a literacy specialist and Director of Curriculum and Instruction at my school. I love getting kids excited about reading and writing – and sharing teaching ideas with other teachers!

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