One Simple Way to Easily Differentiate Word Work Activities & Minimize Your Prep Time

Prepping word work activities can be SO time-consuming!

Sometimes there are tons of things to print, cut out, and laminate. You spend 45 minutes preparing an activity…and then the kids are done with it in 10 minutes!! 😱 How can you keep things fresh and interesting when it takes so much time to prep each activity?

Then there’s differentiation to think about—how can you meet all your students’ varying needs? Even if you have students in word work groups, there can be variations within each group. How can you meet all their needs?

And then there are all the other concerns: How can I hold students accountable? How can I make sure they’re not practicing incorrectly?

These questions have been bouncing around in my head for the past 10+ years. And I’ve come up with different strategies to help me deal with these challenges, but I still wasn’t finding a true “solution.”

But THEN I learned about Boom cards —and immediately realized the incredible potential they hold for solving many of these word work challenges.

(If you’re not familiar with Boom Learning, it’s an online platform that can be used to create interactive games and activities. The decks provide instant feedback to students, allow them to work at their own pace, and are super motivating.)

The Boom platform allows me to create digital word work activities that are:

  • Differentiated – each deck focuses on one phonics or spelling feature that a child needs to work on!
  • Self-correcting – they provide feedback to students about their answers!
  • Tools for holding students accountable – I can see student progress and their scores with my Boom account!
  • No-prep!!

All of this is EXCITING STUFF, right!??!

I currently have 3 growing short-vowel bundles of Boom Cards™ ready to share with you:

Short vowel practice in CVC words


Short vowel practice in words with blends and digraphs (beginning and ending blends and digraphs)


An extra-discounted combo of both of the above bundles!

When you purchase any one of these resources, you’ll receive a PDF with links for the different Boom decks included.

To use the decks, you’ll see directions to click on each title. Clicking on a title will open it in Boom – and prompt you to a) add it to your Boom account (if you already have one) or b) open a new account.

A Boom account is FREE, and you can use all of the materials in my bundles with a free account.

If you want to give your students individual logins, however (this will allow you to see how they do on their Boom decks), I recommend getting a paid account. It costs about as much as a Starbucks trip and is SO worth it!

Anyway, here’s a little peek at just a few of the included interactive activities in these bundles. Each one of these images represents a card, and a typical deck includes anywhere from 20-40 cards.

When students have to identify a picture in order to spell or find a word, audio accompanies the picture. There are also audio directions!

If you’re curious about how Boom works, you can read more details by clicking HERE.

I will absolutely be creating more of these digital word work activities in the future! My plan is to create tons of word work sets for kindergarten through 3rd grade. Make sure to follow my TpT store so you’re notified when future decks are ready!

Happy teaching!  


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This is fantastic!!! Thank you!