Food and Farm Unit


I am so excited about the food and farm unit I just finished up!!  This is always one of my kids’ favorites, and because I teach ELLs, it is great for developing their vocabulary.

In this unit, children learn about making healthy food choices, where healthy food comes from, and how food gets to grocery stores.  At the end of the unit, the children share their learning with other students in the school by making healthy eating tips posters to hang in the cafeteria and hallways.  I love teaching this unit because it helps get kids involved in making good choices in a meaningful way, and it gets them helping others!

The unit also contains lists of books and websites you can use, ideas for centers, and some materials for math and literacy centers – plus all the printouts you’ll need to teach the different lessons.  There are lots of different options, so that you can use the materials in preschool, Kindergarten, or first grade classroom.  Here’s a little peek at some of the materials:

Farm Unit Images.001

Farm Unit Images.006

Farm Unit Images.040

Farm Unit Images.046

Farm Unit Images.100

There are lots of different options and activities, so that you can use the materials in your preschool, Kindergarten, or first grade classroom.  Click here to read more about the unit!
Happy teaching!


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I’m Alison, a literacy specialist. I love getting kids excited about reading and writing – and sharing teaching ideas with other teachers!

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