It’s time for Book Talk Tuesday!  I’m linking up again with Deanna Jump to share with you some of my very favorite books.

Today I’m writing about a picture book that makes for a fabulous personal narrative writing mentor text for K-2nd graders.  It’s called Fireflies! and it’s by Julie Brinckloe.  Click on the picture below to purchase it.


This book is awesome for so many reasons.  First, the topic is inviting and relatable for kids (catching fireflies in a jar).  Second, it has a powerful theme and message (the boy decides to let the fireflies go free at the end, even though he loves having them in a jar).  Third, it has pretty much all of the qualities of a personal narrative that you’d want kids to include in their own writing.  It captures a small moment in time; it uses first person to tell the story; it explains what the main character does, says, feels, and thinks; and it has a clear beginning, middle, and end.  This is one of the best mentor texts I’ve ever found for a personal narratives unit for primary.  Here are two great illustrations from the story:

I use this book as a mentor text in my personal narrative writing unit for first grade.  That unit will be posted in the next few weeks, and here’s the link to my first unit in the curriculum:

You have got to check this book out!  Click {here} to hear from other bloggers about even more awesome books.  Happy reading! 🙂


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I love fireflies! I just did a lesson with some Kindergarteners and first graders at the end of the year using Ten Flashing Fireflies. This book would make a great follow up to that!

The Math Maniac

9 years ago

I’ve never read this book before – thanks for sharing! It looks very sweet 🙂

This is such a fabulous book! It is a part of our personal narrative unit in 2nd grade. It is incredibly relatable for the kiddos and I love reading it aloud! Thanks for sharing! I also have to mention I’m so impressed that you are designing your own units of study for writing, way to go!


I’m Alison, a literacy specialist. I love getting kids excited about reading and writing – and sharing teaching ideas with other teachers!

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