Book Talk Tuesday – Mummies, Pyramids, and Pharaohs


Time for another Book Talk Tuesday!  Each Tuesday I will be sharing one book with you that I absolutely <3.  I’m linking up with Deanna Jump, so be sure to take a look at her post and the linky to read about many more wonderful books!

Today I chose a nonfiction book to share with you.  I got to know this book very well when writing my second grade shared reading curriculum.  The text is by Gail Gibbons (love all of her books!) and it’s called Mummies, Pyramids, and Pharaohs:  A Book About Ancient Egypt.


This book takes you through the basics of ancient Egypt:  government, clothing, food, religious practices, etc.  It also describes why pyramids were created, as well as the process of mummification.  It makes a wonderful readaloud, especially for 1st through 3rd graders.  The illustrations are vivid, and the vocabulary is appropriate for primary and middle grades students.  Click on the book cover above to see some pages from the book or purchase it.

On Sunday, I wrote a post about using a RAN nonfiction graphic organizer – it’s similar to K-W-L, but more detailed.  I think it would be PERFECT for using with this book, especially since kids are bound to have some misconceptions about mummies!  Click {here} to read that post, and click on the image below to download the graphic organizer for free.

Happy reading!


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9 years ago

Thanks for sharing about the RAN chart I started using it in my classroom this year and I feel like my kiddos learning is so much deeper! One thing that I learned at a class this year was to rearrange the RAN chart so that New Learning and Confirmed Learning are the last 2 boxes on the chart and to outline those boxes in color so that when they are writing from the RAN chart they know right where to look for “true things”.

Reply to  Anonymous

Thanks for sharing that!! I like the color outlining idea, because that definitely does make it easier to write from!

9 years ago

What a cool book! When I got to meet the incoming first graders for next year’s class, one of them mentioned that he loved everything Egypt! I’ll have to check this out. Thank you for the post 🙂
Learnin’ Books

Reply to  Christa Lyons

That is so cute that a Kinder is interested in Egypt. I think he would really like this book! 🙂


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