14 in ’14 linky party!

I just came across this fun linky party (hosted by Miss Kindergarten, Dragonflies in First, and A Teeny Tiny Teacher) and decided to play along!  Here are 14 different things from my year!

14.  Favorite quote:  

I am not a huge quote person but I just love this one.  It’s always been my goal to write a book, and I have been putting it off for a long time, telling myself I’ll do it when I’m older.  Well, why not now?  So I’m now in the process of writing 2 books.  Thanks, Amy Poehler!!

13.  Favorite article of clothing:

This is a toughie…because I really <3 clothes.  Therefore, instead of  having to pick a favorite from many, I’ve opted to pick my LEAST favorite…found these leopard print “jeggings” in Target a few months ago.  So sorry if you rocked the leopard print jeggings this year, but just…nothankyou.

12.  Favorite movie you watched:

We went to see The Neighbors in the theater and really loved it!  I think it’s available on Amazon instant video now (free for Prime members), so check it out if you haven’t seen it yet!

11.  Favorite TV series:

We are TV series lovers!  We’ve watched too many to name this year…The Wire, House of Cards, The Office (for the second time).  I guess the series that I most love to watch when I’m having some “me” time is House Hunters.  Oh, I love me some House Hunters.

10.  Favorite restaurant:

Cooper’s Hawk!!  Do you have one by you?!  Find out {here}.  If you do, you need to go RIGHT NOW!  I am not kidding!!  Their wine is wonderful, and the food is delicious.  You have to get the bacon-wrapped “drunken” shrimp.  Amazing.  We tend to like to try different restaurants, but Cooper’s Hawk is one you can go back to again…and again…and again. šŸ™‚

9.  Favorite new thing you tried:

Hmm…I’m not sure I tried that many new things in 2014!  Maybe that should be my goal for next year.  I did, however, try a new job, if that counts??  I went from being a full time classroom teacher to a part time reading specialist.  And I love it!

8.  Favorite gift you got:

My camera!  I still am not very good at using it, but my husband got me a Nikon for my birthday.  Another goal for 2015…actually learn how to use it!  

7.  Favorite thing you pinned:

Sheesh, how do I pick just one!?  I am a Pinterest addict!!  I guess I will pick Kevin and Amanda’s spicy sausage pasta, because my husband loves it so much!

6.  Favorite blog post:

I’ve enjoyed writing most of the posts I did this year, but I think I’ll pick my most popular one – Making the Most of Bulletin Boards.  I loved how my bulletin boards were set up because it allowed me to easily post anchor charts, and I’m glad I was able to share the idea with others!

5.  Best accomplishment:

I was super happy when I finished my first grade and second grade writing curriculum bundles this summer.  I had the lessons in my head and partially written down, but it took a long time to get them packaged and ready to go.  The night I finished, my husband surprised me with champagne, and I was a very happy camper!


4.  Favorite picture:

I take a lot of pictures with my phone…this is a classic one:

3.  Favorite memory:

The trips I take with my husband always stand out in my mind as the best memories – this year we went to see my little brother graduate from college and visit my grandfather in Alabama, to Michigan for a little vacation, and to Wisconsin to celebrate our 2 year anniversary.  The photos are from Sleeping Bear Dunes in Michigan (we climbed that sucker!) and from our anniversary weekend in November.

2.  Goal for 2015:

I guess I have discovered, through doing this post, that my goals are to try more new things and learn how to use my camera!  Tomorrow I’m going to sit down and write some additional professional goals, too.

1.  One little word:


I was pretty unhappy in the job I had before this one, so moving into my new position as a reading specialist has been a biggie for me.  Some other personal obstacles (like grad school) were no longer an issue for me this year, so although life is never problem-free, I was able to find contentment.  So thankful for that, and remembering to be thankful every day in 2015 is another thing to add to my goal list.

This has been fun to write, and it was fun to look back through all my photos from the year!  Happy (almost) 2015!


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