Teaching about Christmas & Holidays Around the World


The holidays are quickly approaching, and if you are a teacher, this means that you miiight be on the lookout for some extra-engaging materials to keep your kiddos entertained and learning (and yourself sane!).  🙂

If that’s true for you, then I have 2 resources you might like:  

1.  A literacy activity pack for teaching kids about Christmas and other holidays around the world, and 

2.  A link to a free Symbaloo that your students can use to learn more about winter holidays around the world.

My “Christmas & Holidays Around the World” literacy activity pack (for 1st or 2nd grade) doesn’t require much prep at all…because I never seem to have an extra minute to spare in December!!  You don’t even have to check out books from the library to use it – a nonfiction readaloud is included, as well as 2 student readers and an additional reading passage (with questions to go with the passage).

A page from one of the student readers
To go along with the reading materials are 5 different writing activities, and 2 word puzzle activities.

A page from one of the writing activities – you can tie in a little geography, too!
The materials will help you integrate social studies into your literacy block and are only $4.25!  Click {here} to check them out.

Another resource I created to teach my kiddos about holidays around the world can be found here:

You can send your kiddos to this site and have them click on any of the pictures to learn about Christmas around the world, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Chinese New Year, and Ramadan.  All of the links are appropriate and kid-friendly (any text is read aloud).  Most of the links are videos.  You can use this URL with your students:  

I love Symbaloo because it’s so easy to create kid-friendly links!  If you’re working on a certain unit, you can create a Symbaloo for free and put links for the kids all on one page, and upload pictures for icons like I did.  

Enjoy the links, and have a great holiday season!


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I’m Alison, a literacy specialist. I love getting kids excited about reading and writing – and sharing teaching ideas with other teachers!

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