GRO: The Must-Have App For Teaching Guided Reading

When Amanda Duke told her husband about a strategy she’d learned for taking guided reading notes, he was shocked.

Take notes on sticky notes and then attach them to sheets of paper? It didn’t sound practical or professional to him.

And Amanda agreed. As a Kindergarten and first grade teacher, she’s always loved teaching guided reading. Amanda sees the incredible power of working with kids in a small group setting.

But she’s always struggled to find practical solutions to guided reading organizational challenges (so have I!). She wanted an easy way to switch up her groups, keep and reuse lesson plans, and take notes on her students.

When Amanda went looking for technology that would do this, she didn’t find any apps that quite fit the bill. Sure, there’s Evernote and other great organizational apps. But none of them were designed just for teachers.

So Amanda set out to make her own app. She drew up some plans and talked with other teachers to get their input. She and her husband worked with local developers to create a model, and they continued to revise that model based upon input from other teachers.

And that’s how Guided Reading Organizer (GRO) was born!

When Amanda shared her story with me, I was so impressed with how much time and thought she (and other teachers) have put into this project. But what’s even more impressive is how awesome and practical this app is!

In this post, I’ll show you how you can use the app in your own classroom to make planning for guided reading faster, more efficient, and more effective. I’ll also show you how to use the app to easily take notes and keep data on your students’ progress.

I love this guided reading app - it was created by a teacher!! GRO helps with guided reading organization and anecdotal note-taking. It allows you to re-use lesson plans so you save a TON of time! You can even use it for teaching other small groups, like math. SO worth it!

Before we dive in, I do want to mention that guided reading isn’t the only thing you can use this app for – it works great for small group math lessons or any other type of small group instruction.


The first thing you see when you open up the app is your groups. You can use different colors and group names to keep them all straight. I love that you can put in the kids’ photos to see your class at a quick glance!

I love this guided reading app - it was created by a teacher!! GRO helps with guided reading organization and anecdotal note-taking. It allows you to re-use lesson plans so you save a TON of time! You can even use it for teaching other small groups, like math. SO worth it!

Tapping on one of the groups allows you to name it, add a color, set the meeting days and meeting times, add a level, and write notes (like a group focus).

This is so handy because we have so many different groups to keep track of. If a student teacher or other support teacher comes to work with one of the groups, you can easily send them a screenshot like the one below.

I love this guided reading app - it was created by a teacher!! GRO helps with guided reading organization and anecdotal note-taking. It allows you to re-use lesson plans so you save a TON of time! You can even use it for teaching other small groups, like math. SO worth it!


Next up is the calendar tab!

The calendar feature is a dream come true if you are as scatterbrained as me. 🙂 I can never remember which groups I’m supposed to see on a given day.

As you can see in the screenshot below, the groups you have scheduled show up as colored dots. This really saves time when you need to call a group to your guided reading table. Instead of having to find your binder or clipboard and search for the right paper, you just open the app, tap on the calendar tab, and immediately see the group colors. SO fast and easy!

I love this guided reading app - it was created by a teacher!! GRO helps with guided reading organization and anecdotal note-taking. It allows you to re-use lesson plans so you save a TON of time! You can even use it for teaching other small groups, like math. SO worth it!

You might be able to tell from the image that you can also go right to your individual lesson plans from the calendar view. Again, this saves a lot of time.

Before I had this app, I first had to find the correct tab in my binder and then flip to the correct lesson plan. I know that doesn’t sound like a big deal, but I’m much happier spending those minutes teaching instead of searching!

Lesson Plans

Speaking of lesson plans, this tab is probably my favorite part of the whole app. You can choose to create a general lesson plan (for any type of instruction) or a guided reading lesson plan. I’ll focus on the guided reading plan because, well, I’m a reading specialist. 🙂

As you can see from the screenshot below, the parts of the lesson plan are clearly customized for teaching guided reading. When you open up the plan to teach it, there’s a timer BUILT INTO the lesson screen! Could you ask for anything more?!

I love this guided reading app - it was created by a teacher!! GRO helps with guided reading organization and anecdotal note-taking. It allows you to re-use lesson plans so you save a TON of time! You can even use it for teaching other small groups, like math. SO worth it!

But my favorite thing is that it allows you to re-use lesson plans!!

There’s nothing more annoying than realizing that you are basically re-writing a plan for the Red Group that you taught to the Orange Group 2 months ago! (But of course by the time you search for and find that original plan, you may as well have re-written it anyway.)

When you use the GRO app, you don’t have to deal with this anymore. Of course you can customize the plan to meet the needs of a particular group of students. But when you have a text intro and strategy focus that work SO well with one book – why not use it again? And again, and again. 🙂

When you are in the lesson screen, you have the option of pulling up student notes. You tap the correct student in the group, add a note, and you’re done. Again, no more flipping through binders trying to find the right kiddo – or in Amanda’s case, no more keeping data on sticky notes!!

Lesson Plan w Notes vertical


The final tab in the app is the “Students” tab. This is actually where you’ll want to start after you download the app. You can put in your kids’ names, photos (if you like), as well as lots of other data.

As time goes on and you take more and more notes on a child, you’ll be able to quickly scroll through them and see progress or patterns.

You can also keep track of the student’s reading level – and the app graphs level changes over time!

I love this guided reading app - it was created by a teacher!! GRO helps with guided reading organization and anecdotal note-taking. It allows you to re-use lesson plans so you save a TON of time! You can even use it for teaching other small groups, like math. SO worth it!

Even though this is all electronic, it’s simple to get paper copies of all of these things. The app has a “share” button” that allows you to easily export lessons and data. You can email documents to yourself, a special education teacher, the reading specialist, or even parents. I love this option because it is nice (and sometimes necessary) to have hard copies.

Get The App

This app makes my teacher heart SO happy, and I know it will make your life so much easier! You can get GRO for your iPhone, iPad, or iPad touch.

Before I give you the link, I do want to let you know that the app is not free. It costs about as much as 2 coffee drinks at Starbucks.

It’ll save you time, help you take better notes, and enable you to easily share information about your students. And that is infinitely more valuable than 2 shots of caffeine. 🙂

You can purchase the app HERE – and note that I don’t receive any sort of benefit when you buy it. Amanda was kind enough to let me try the app for free, and I’m sharing it with you because I honestly think that it’s wonderful and will make your literacy instruction better!

If you have any questions about the app or need help once you’ve downloaded it, you can send an email to

Comment below to let me know how you like the app! Happy teaching!

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116 Responses to GRO: The Must-Have App For Teaching Guided Reading

    • Hello, this is Amanda Duke.

      I am so happy to hear that you like the app and I hate that it’s not available for you on android right now. Unfortunately at this time GRō is only available for iOS. We very much want to see GRō on android and have plans to make that happen, but I can’t yet predict when it will be available.

      Our philosophy will always be to make the tools that teachers tell us they want, and to make them the most helpful that they can be. We will do our best to help you!

      • Wonderful app….is there a way to schedule students to assess for a running records? Like a calendar with a reminder….for example….set it so that Susie is assessed every 2 weeks, etc.
        thank you

        • When using the app this year, I thought about this same thing! Right now, there is not a way to do this like you would on Google calendar with reminders. However, I did find a way that worked for me. Since you can create as many groups as you want and add as many students as you want to each group I created an assessment group. I added all of my students to this group (students can be in more than one group) and made it a color that was different than my other groups. Then I used the blank lesson plan to create a lesson in that group that simply said “running record for Susie” and set it for the dates that I wanted. If this does not make sense please let know and I would love to follow up with you to explain it a little better! you can send me an email at

      • Hi Amanda, when you have the app ready for androids can you please send me and email to so that i can download it. I am always ready to try something new they may be helpful to me to better help educate my students.
        Thank you

  1. I would have loved this when I taught guided reading but next year I will be strictly math and science for 2nd. I am trying to see if this would be worth it to me to use for guided math. It looks awesome????

    • I also love teaching guided math! We began creating the GRō app as a guided reading tool, but in the process I realized how useful it would also be for guided math. To help make it functional for math (or any other subject/specialty) we added a blank lesson plan. This way you can write anything you would like. I use the blank lesson plan for math lessons or for those times you just need a short-hand lesson plan for days that don’t fit your typical routine. We also thought that this feature would make the app useful for Exceptional education teachers, title one teachers, EL teachers, speech therapists, occupational therapists, etc.
      As far as the data goes, you can just ignore the guided reading level graph and still take the anecdotal note during your lessons and keep track of you math data in the notes sections of the students data pages. We would, eventually, love to make the graph more customizable.
      We have thought about making an app just for math but, did not know if there would be a high demad for it. It is good to know that you would find that useful. Please let me know if I can answer any more questions!

  2. Oh! I can’t usually weigh in on techy topics, but I have this app, too. Love, love, love it! It makes my life so much easier. I bring my iPad to parent conferences or IEP meetings and all my data and notes are right there. I can also make different groups. This year I had reading groups and word study groups. Next year, I want to add math groups, too.

    My iPad links with the big screen in my room, so one thing I discovered is that I can put a group up on the screen and tell those kids to meet me at the back table while the others check in. I can keep my groups super-flexible and not label them “Red Group, Green Group,” etc. The kids got used to the idea that our groups change all the time based on what we’re working on together.

    • That’s awesome, Lee! I never would have thought of projecting it on the screen – that is an awesome idea! Thank you so much for sharing your experience with it!!


  3. This sounds amazing! One question though: Can you move students into different groups after they have initially been set, and will their data and notes move with them?

    • Yes, you can and it is super easy! This was one of the biggest things I wanted the app to do. I was so tired of printing out a list of my groups only to have to reprint it the following week because it was so important to me that my groups were fluid groups and my students were in the group that was the best fit for them. They can move with a couple simple taps. There data is stored on their own student data page that will not be affected when they are moved to a different group. Hope you find this as helpful as I have!

  4. I also have a question. As a future user can I change the DRA reading levels in the app? In my district we use numbers instead of letters.

    I’m so excited to show this app in my school and start using it for next year!

    • Yes, you can choose your leveling system when you create your account. Right now, you can choose from the following leveling systems:

      – Fountas & Pinnell
      – DRA
      – Reading Recovery
      – Lexile
      – UK National Curriculum
      – IRLA *this one was just added

      Some of these are also very similar to other leveling systems because they use numbers or letters. So, if you do not use one of these leveling systems you still might be able to make the graph work for you. If you do use one that is not listed please send us an email and we can see if we can help you! Please let me know if you have any more questions.

  5. If I only taught literacy, this app would be perfect. suits my current needs much better since it has all of the same functions but allows me to add in other non-literacy subjects that I teach.

    I EXTREMELY appreciate this kind of post – I hope you continue to consider posting current tech alternatives like GRO. Going paper-free is very important to me and the community I educate.

  6. Just wondering if the graph of reading level is only with alphabet system. In Australia we mostly use the Reading recovery numbering system not the Fountas and Pinnell alphabet system. I know it wouldn’t be difficult to use a conversion chart to convert to a number each time but that requires me then to get out a piece of paper which this app is trying to solve.

    • I absolutely understand that it is much easier not to have to use the conversion charts. We have included a few different leveling systems that you can choose from when you create your account. Right now, you can choose from the following leveling systems:

      – Fountas & Pinnell
      – DRA
      – Reading Recovery
      – Lexile
      – UK National Curriculum

      The graph will be set according to the leveling system that you choose.

    • Yes, the graph will fit the leveling system that you choose. We have included a few different leveling systems that you can choose from when you create your account. Right now, you can choose from the following leveling systems:

      – Fountas & Pinnell
      – DRA
      – Reading Recovery
      – Lexile
      – UK National Curriculum

      Some of these are also very similar to other leveling systems because they use numbers or letters. So, if you do not use one of these leveling systems you still might be able to make the graph work for you. Please let me know if you have any more questions.

  7. Next school year I believe we’ll have to have our lesson plans available in One Note for administration. Is there a way to upload lessons from this app to One Note? Love this concept!!

    • We have wondered if this was something that teachers would want to be able to do, thanks for sharing and reaching out. Right now, you can share/send your lesson plans as a screen shot/picture (I explained a little more about this below). We would like to create a way to export the lesson plan in another format but if I am honest we do not have an exact timeline for when this will happen. I would love your feedback for the best way to export it. How would you like to see it done? Would you like to have it exported in a PDF, Plain text document, …?

  8. Question: and sorry if I missed this as I read, I got a little too excited and just began skimming so I could get to the end and find out about all the goodies! Can you share your lesson plans with another teacher who has the app. For example, I write up a plan and the teacher next door wants to use it can I send her the plan and she can open and save it onto her GRO? Does that make any sense?

    • That is a really great question and is one feature that we are working to make better right now. Unfortunately, right now, it does not work exactly like you are wanting. However, you can send a picture of the lesson plan to someone. There is a share button at the top of the lesson plan screen that will basically take a screen shot of your lesson plan and then you can share it just as you would a photo. The other teacher would have the content of your lesson but would have to type it into their own app. Just remember that it will be a screen shot so if the lesson does not fit on the screen it will not show up in the picture. We are trying to improve this feature.

      • Hello! I want to make sure I understand what you’re saying correctly. I have to be able to share my lesson plans with administration as PDFs or editable documents. It sounds like the app only allows exports as JPEGs. Am I understanding that correctly?

        • As the app is today on the app store, you can only send it in a picture format. However, we are releasing an update soon with a few more features. One of the features it the ability to send/export lesson pans as a text file as well as a picture. You will also be able to share lesson plans with other accounts within the app. Teachers will also be able to share students between accounts with this update. Please let me know if you want more infrmation of have any other questions!

          • When this update happens, will notes taken by other teachers about the students also be able to be shared with other account users? If the reading specialist takes a group and I take a group, will we be able to see what each other’s plans, books used and notes on students? This is something I would be looking for.

          • Yes, you can and will be able to do this. Right now you could both sign into the same account at the same time if you wanted to see the exact same things. With this update you will be able to each have your own account and share lesson plans and students between accounts. The lesson plans will be like giving a copy to another teacher and they can use it as is or edit it. If they edit the plan on their account it will not change the plan you wrote on your account. The student sharing works a little differently. You can share students between accounts as well so you will both be able to see the students data page and put them into groups on your own account. When you edit the data and notes of the student data page it will change on both accounts so that all teachers can keep up with the same data and share notes. I Hope that makes sense. Please feel free to ask more questions if you have them or email us at

  9. I just shared this app with my administration team. They LOVE it! We were wondering if you had an option for schools to purchase the apps for many people at once, like you would for a computer program or website?

    • Hi Anna,
      Thank you so much for sharing, that is so exciting to hear. I would love to talk with you about this option more. Will you send us an email at so we discuss the best way to help you out?

  10. I have a few questions about this app before I decide to buy it.

    1.) Under the Lesson Plans header above, it shows a picture of the lesson plan. Is that all there is for the lesson plan? Can you add other things to it? Can you tap on each lesson plan area and it opens up to more (for example, can you tap on “New Text Intro” and open it up to see only that part)?

    2.) I have to give my lesson plans to my principal next year. At this point, I plan to give him hard copies. An option to export it to PDF would be nice so that I could just email him a PDF….(or an MS Word file, but have no idea if that’s possible).

    3.) Do you find it easy to type in notes about students? Do you do that while you are working with them… or afterward?

    Thanks for your replies!

    • Hey Kari,

      Thanks for asking questions for clarification. Hopefully I can help.

      1.) The lesson plan that you see in the picture above is one of the two options for lesson plans you will have at this time. In the set guided reading lesson plan there are drop down boxes and open text boxes. The reading focus and word work/writing sections have a drop down box of pre-set options and a text box. You do not have to use the drop downs if you do not want to. The text boxes expand if you need more room. The new text and review text have a text box where you add your book/passage titles and then a drop down box is created by saving the titles that you have typed so that you only have to type them once.
      The second option you will have is a blank lesson plan. This lesson plan is simply a blank text box that allows you to write your lesson plan in any way that you would like.

      2.) We have just made some new features to the app that will be available in an update soon! You will now be able to share lesson plans with other teachers who have the app. The lesson plan will show up in their app just as it does in your own app. You can also email your lessons. When you email you lesson plans the recipient will be able to see it in two ways. The will get a picture of it (this will be a screen shot so if you cannot see some of the text on the screen it will not show up in the picture) and they will also be abel to open it as a file with text. We are continuing to improve this function.

      3.) I created this feature to be as easy as possible. When I am teaching a small group I simply open my lesson plan, set my timer, begin teaching and if I want to take a note I simply hit show student notes, touch student’s picture and begin typing. This has been very easy for me to do while I am listening to them read, as they are cleaning up, or while they are participating in any other activity during the lesson. Sometime I take notes after the lesson. I also track other data in the notes part of the student data page. I create a note and then can go back and edit it when I collect more data.

      I hope this help a little and is easy to understand. I would love to talk more or explain further if you would like. Just send me an e-mail.

  11. Can this be used on multiple devices? If an aide takes a group can she login to the same account on her iPad and take notes on my students while I do the same on a different iPad?

    • Yes! You can login to as many devices you would like to using the same account. You just have to have the app downloaded on the device. We are also currently working on a feature to allow teachers with two separate accounts to share the same student and both take notes on their student data page. You will also be able to share lesson plans.

      • Has this updated occurred, allowing two different accounts to access the same students? We have literacy aides that help with guided reading so both the teacher and the literacy aide need access to the lesson plans and notes sections.

  12. Hi, I was wondering if there is any way to print from this app, if you need to print your data or lesson plans for any reason? You might have already answered this. Thanks

    • That is a good question! Right now you cannot print directly from the app. However, you can export your lesson plans and student data in an email, in a text file and a screen shot, and print from there. We are still working to improve this feature. We will also look into the possibility of being able to print directly from the app! Thanks for your feedback!

  13. This app looks amazing! I was planning on going digital with my GR binder this year but was still trying to figure out how and this is the solution. I do have a question: I teach upper elementary and don’t meet all my students in groups, some I just confer with. Is there a way to set up individual students with conference notes?

    • I am so happy you hear your thoughts and that you were looking for the same thing I was when we decided to create this app! I really hope that it meets your needs. I would love to hear your feedback after you use it. Let us know if there are any ways in which we could improve it to make it more helpful!

      As for your question…
      Yes, you can you can. First off, each student has there own data page where you can add note at any time. You could meet with that students and simply pull up their student data page and add the note right there. They do not have to be in an group to access their data page. I do this a lot when I am doing individual assessments with my kiddos.
      One thing that I thought about when reading your question was that you may want to still schedule your conference with them on the calendar. For that you would need them in a group. I thought of two simple ways to make this work.
      1. You could put each of those students into their own group. You can make as many groups as you would like and students can be added to multiple groups.
      2. (I think this is what I would do, just to make things a little more organized in my mind) You could put all of the students who you only confer with into a group. Then you can make a general lesson plan under that group for when you would like to meet and simply put their name in the lesson plan so that you know who you were scheduled to meet with that day. That way, if you colored that group red, every time you say a read dot on your calendar you know you had a one on one conference. This would also allow to use the lesson plan function to time to conference and you could take note from the lesson plan screen that would go to that students data page.

      Sorry for the long response, I hope it makes sense. I would love to talk to you about it more if you would like! just send me an email if you want to.

  14. This question may have been asked already, but I was wondering if I can build lesson plans for books and then pull them up to use for groups as needed? This would would allow me to work on lesson plans so their ready when I need them.

    • If I am understanding correctly, yes you can. Each time you create a lesson it is saved in your account. You can later search for them by name of book, title of lesson, or reading level. You can then edit this lesson plan or duplicate it to make it available for a different group. You can create them without assigning them to a group and then later duplicate it to assign it to a group. I hope this answers your question. If is does not or you would like to talk more please don’t hesitate to email me!

    • I am wondering this too! It is hard for me to get away from post its because for me writing is so much easier than typing while working with a student. Is there a way to take a picture of a post it and it be added to notes? As you can see I can’t let go of my Postits! Or is there a way to write notes in the notes section with a screen pen and it be translated into typed notes? I know I’ve seen that somewhere but not sure where! That would be a perfect merge for me!

    • This is a feature that is in the works! Can’t promise a date for when it will be available, but we are working hard to get it to you as soon as possible.

  15. I am so excited for this but I need to make sure it works for my needs first. Is it possible to have different classes where the groups are? I will be teaching two classes with at least 5 reading groups each. Will I be able to keep these classes separate or will I see all the groups at once?

    • As of right now there would not be a way to keep them separate on the same account. However there are some ways to make this happen will only a little effort. When I had two different types of groups (reading and word study) I color coded them to keep them a little more organized. You could do this with the two classes, but the students would still be all mixed in on the same screen. What I think would be best is to create two accounts, one for each class. You can create as many accounts as you need. The only thing with this option is that you will need to use two different email addresses to create you accounts. I am sorry that there is not a more simple way to do this right now, but you have brought up an interesting point and we will look into the possibility of a feature that not only allows you to manage more than one subject, but more than one class. We will do our best to make this happen for you!

  16. Hi! I’m also interested about the android app, but also wondering if there is our will be a Web- based option? That sounds like a lot of typing on my touch screen and would be much, much easier with a keyboard. Does anyone have a work around for this?

    • We have gotten much more interest in an android version of this app than we were expecting. We really really want to make this happen and are working towards it! We are also pouring our efforts into adding feature to the iOS version. We will have an update very soon with features that will allow you to share lesson plans, students, data, and add pictures to the student data notes (like work samples). We have also thought about a web based version but, because there have been more teachers asking, we are going to pursue the android version first. I had the same thought about the typing when we first began this process. I found it to be much easier than I expected, however, you could get a keyboard that works with your tablet. I think I might try that and see how it works this year too.

  17. So many schools are switching to Google. Is this available to sync with Google Sheets, Docs, etc.? What a great idea; well done! 🙂

    • Thank you for your kind words! Our school just switched over to using Google as well. I would love to talk with you about this a little more and hear your ideas. Would you mind sending us an email so that could hear more of your thoughts about what that might look like? You can email us a Thank you for your feedback!

  18. Just wondering if you’ve thought of releasing a trial version, like where you could enter 1 student or something and see the screens full size?

    • We have thought about trying to make that happen, but at this time it is not available. However, I would love to set up a time to do a live demo with you over a video call if you are interested! Just send me an email at

  19. I just bought the app and am frustrated – both of my email addresses are saying invalid to register – what can I do?

    • Hi Brenda, I am sorry that you had a bit of trouble with this! Thank you for reaching out via email. I think that we got this this fixed for you, but PLEASE let me know if you have any other questions.

    • So sorry that you had a little trouble with this! Thank you for reaching out via email. I think we got this taken care of for you. Please let me know if you need anything else!

  20. Oh my goodness!! This app looks so awesome! Any update on when it will be available to android users?? I would LOVE to use this for the upcoming school year! I also know of a lot of other android users that would love to use it. What a genius idea for teachers to stay organized!

    • I am so happy to hear your kind thoughts! We want so badly to make the app available for Android and are trying very hard to make it happen! Unfortunately, we do not know when it will be available. We have had many requests so it is at the top of our priority list, but it is a big project. I am so sorry that I don’t have a better answer for you at this time. We will keep you updated!

  21. My teammates and I are wondering if more than one person can be logged into the app under the same account at a time. We have literacy aids that help with our reading groups, and they would need to use the app simultaneously.

    • Yes, you can! As long as you have the app downloaded on the device you can log into any account and you can be logged in at the same time. You will just may have to refresh to see data that has been added while you are working.

      • Do the teachers have to use the same Apple ID to make this happen or is there a separate login feature when you start the app?

  22. My partner and I would be all over this, if it came in Android. Does it allow you to share gross with interventionist s?

  23. I plan on using CAFE in my classroom this upcoming year. Can I use this app for one on one conferencing? Can you do multiple subjects? I would love to have one place/folder where I keep my reading notes and one folder for say writing conferences.

    • Yes, you can use the app for one on one conferencing. We are working to make this idea even easier. You can simply go to the student data page and add note directly to the page. If you want to schedule meetings with individual students on the calendar you could put all of the students in one group and use a blank lesson plan template to schedule a meeting for a student with their name on the lesson plan. I would love to explain this more if you want to send me an email at

      Currently, there is only one section on the app. However, we have a plan in place to add a math section and potentially sections for other subjects.

  24. Hi I just came across this app and it looks so helpful! However, I do not have access to an ipad in my classroom. Is it possible to access this app online so I could use it on a laptop?

    • Currently, the GRō is only available on iPad and iPhone. We would love to make it available on more platforms, but do not have a time line for when it will be available.

  25. I tried to download the app both on my phone and computer but it is not coming up as available… I am clicking the link from here and I tried searching GRO guided reading organizer just in case… am I missing something? Is it not available in the U.S. as it stated? Thanks!

    • Sorry about the confusion! We were just fixing somthing on the new version. It is fixed and is available now. Please let me know if you have any problems.

  26. Amanda, I tried to find the app on the AppStore, and it’s telling me this isn’t currently available in the U.S. store… I followed the link above.

    • Sorry about the confusion! We were just fixing somthing on the new version. It is fixed and is available now. Please let me know if you have any problems.

    • Sorry about the confusion! We were just fixing somthing on the new version. It is fixed and is available now. Please let me know if you have any problems.

  27. I just purchased the app and I’m having problems with it on my iPad. Either the students or groups will not load or I get an SSL error.

      • I’m interested in the android app but also making it available on the computer for typing easier.

        My question is will there be a way for those of us interested in the android app to be notified that it’s available?

  28. Would be an amazing app if it could also combine Remind/Bloomz capabilities by enabling you to text the anecdotal comments to the children’s parents.

  29. Help! The app will not download any of my student information on my schools wifi. I am pretty sad it is saying it is not a safe wireless system but I really want to have this app as part of my reading routines. Is there any way I can override the program saying the wifi is not to be trusted so I can still go on the information on my IPad at school during guided reading time!? thank you in advance for your help. 🙂

    • If you are still looking to change your leveling system we would love to help you with that! Just send us an email at Let us know what email address you used to set up the account and which leveling system you would like to use and we can change it for you.

  30. I bought a new ipad yesterday and tried to use my app on it. It kept saying my password was incorrect. I got a link to change the password but when I tried to sign in, it kept telling me it was an invalid password. I changed it several times and it still would not let me in. Can you help please? Thank you!

  31. Hi, we have bought the app for our classrooms in year 1. We are setting all our groups up and we are finding glitches when we try to see our students in our lesson plan groups, the assigned groups are not appearing, the notes also edit only sometimes. Is this a glitch in the app? Is there any way we can fix the showing of the children’s notes in the lesson plan?

  32. Is there a way to edit anecdotal NOTES? It seems once i have made the note in the student profile i cannot edit it…??

  33. Hi there, really interested in the app but it doesn’t seem to be available on the Australian store. I’ve tried emailing, but it said the address you provided above wasn’t valid? Is there any way you could help? Thanks, Gemma

  34. I tried downloading from the link provided and it said it is not available for purchase in US. I am using an Apple phone. Is this accurate or is there something I am doing wrong?

  35. When I try to download it I get an error message that it is not available in the us. When will it be available in the us? I would love to try this in my classroom.

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