Online Workshop FAQs

Check out these frequently asked questions about my online workshops!

How much do the workshops cost?

Absolutely nothing! They are free. I may mention paid products during the workshop, but you will also receive a packet of free materials at the end of the workshop.

How does this online workshop thing work?

During a workshop, I will go into a virtual “room” so that I can talk and share images with all of the attendees. As an attendee, you’ll use the link (in your registration confirmation email) to join this “room” at the time of the workshop.

I won’t be able to see you, but you will be able to see me (so you can wear your PJs 🙂 ). In the “room,” you will be able to ask questions and share ideas, too!

Where do I sign up?

There is a special, specific registration page that you use to sign up for one workshop at a time. Bookmark this page and check back frequently. I usually post a registration link for webinars a week or two before they are held.

You can also sign up to get notified about all future online workshops by filling in your information below:

How long does a workshop last?

Each workshop is an hour long. Make sure to stay until the end because I typically give out the link to the freebie on the last slide!

What time zone are the workshops in?

All workshops are scheduled on U.S. Central Time. If you are in a different time zone, you can click HERE for a time zone converter.

Will I need anything to attend the workshop?

You can attend the workshop using almost any type of computer, tablet, or smart phone with a high-speed Internet connection. The quality of the video and audio will be best when you have an Ethernet connection (plugged in cord), but wi-fi will work in most cases.

Before the workshop, I recommend downloading Google Chrome. This web browser works best with the software I use.

If you have technical problems or get “kicked out” during the workshop, please refresh your browser. You can also return to the link in your registration confirmation email and try to re-join.

For more information about attending webinars with the software I use, click here.

Will I get reminders about the workshop?

Yes! After you sign up, you will get a link that you can use to attend the workshop on the specified date and time. I recommend adding my email address to your “Contacts.” If you use Gmail, the email may show up in your “Promotions” inbox. You can drag it to your main inbox to ensure that you don’t miss reminders. And please put the workshop on your calendar, just in case you miss an email!

What if I signed up but never got a confirmation email?

First, check your spam box. If it’s not there, please return to the registration page and try again. You can also try a different email address.

What if I can only attend part of the workshop?

I still recommend signing up and jumping on for as long as you can! I link to free resources toward the end of the webinar, so you will definitely want to stay until the end if at all possible.

I missed a workshop and would really love to attend it! Will you be holding it again?

I do repeat workshops, so keep an eye on this page. You can also submit suggestions for future workshops HERE.

Can I attend your workshop if I teach 3rd grade or up?

My workshops are definitely geared toward K-2, because those are the grade levels I have taught and worked with as a literacy specialist. You are welcome to attend if you teach a different grade level, but you may not get as much out of it as the K-2 teachers will.

Can I get continuing education credit for the workshop?

I provide a certificate for attendees who participate in the live workshop. You are welcome to submit this certificate to your school, district, or state to receive credit. Of course, I can’t guarantee that they will accept it.

Can I request topics for future workshops?

Yes! I’d love to hear your ideas. You can submit your requests HERE.