This Week in Intervention: Spanish Letter Sounds Practice


I teach reading interventions in Spanish to Kinders, 1st graders, and 2nd graders, and I finally feel like we are in somewhat of a routine! We (the other reading specialists and I) spent the first few weeks of school assessing kids, working on schedules for our teaching assistants, and getting everything in order.  Now that things are finally up and running, I’m going to *try* to do a quick weekly post with what we’ve been doing during the week.  Even though my interventions are in Spanish, much of what I do could also be done in English.  So…here’s what we’ve been up to this week!

– I introduced our letter sound sheet routines to my Kinder groups.  Every other day, I use one of these sheets to introduce a new letter.

We practice the letter sound, name words that start with the letter (“abeja,” /a/, “árbol,” /a/, araña, /a/, etc.), circle examples of the letter, practice writing the letter, circle examples of words that start with the letter, and circle pictures that start with that letter sound.  It’s phonics, phonemic awareness, beginning decoding skills, concepts about print, and handwriting all wrapped up in one!  It takes a while to teach the kids how to do the sheets, but eventually they should be able to do them pretty independently.  You can grab the sheets here (and here’s a look at the back of the sheet):

– I also introduced word sorts to my Kinder groups.  After we do a letter sound sheet one day, the next day we do a letter sound sort.  To do the sort, I laminated a large piece of heavy construction paper with a t-chart on it as a work mat for the kiddos.  Eventually, I will have them write the name of each picture under it (using a dry erase marker), but for now they are just mimicking the sort that I model first.  This sort is words that start with the /a/ sound vs. words that do not.

I don’t have anything too exciting to share from my 1st and 2nd grade groups.  Honestly I am still really trying to figure out what I want my lessons to look like on a daily basis.  The 2nd graders are currently reading a Level A, so I’m trying to figure out how to accelerate their progress because we have a lot of ground to cover!

My 1st and 2nd graders come to the reading intervention room for our small groups, but I have to go to a different room for Kinder.  I recently ordered this Scout bag from Amazon to be my “go bag” for Kinder interventions and am really thrilled with it!  

Right now I have two cases of magnetic letters, a folder, and a binder in it, and it all fits nicely.  Plus, the outside has 6 different pockets so I can keep pens, pencils, and hand sanitizer handy.  This makes a great teacher bag for going between home and school, too!  Click on the picture below to check it out on Amazon (they have lots of different color options, too).

Happy weekend!


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