Supercharge Your Reading Workshop with Flexible Shared Reading Lessons!


Are you ready to SUPERCHARGE your reading workshop or literacy block? ?

Shared reading can be the rocket fuel that launches your students toward reading success! ??I’ve seen the results with my own K, 1st, and 2nd grade students: shared reading has helped them move up reading levels and become more strategic readers.

Because I believe so strongly in shared reading, I’ve been working on pulling together my shared reading lessons for Kindergarten, first, and second grade. These shared reading units include “done for you” strategy lessons – where you and the students read a text together, and you teach or review a comprehension, decoding, fluency, or vocabulary strategy. (In Kindergarten, we start out at the very beginning, with learning how books work and how to listen to a story!)

The units also include posters for visual support, checklists and rubrics for assessment, and drawing/writing prompts so students can respond to texts. The materials are designed to be “print and go” to save you time!

The bundles are now available and waiting for you!!

It was important to me to make these units flexible because everyone has a unique teaching situation (and students who have unique needs)! These units are flexible because:

  • Several text choices are provided for each week, and you can easily use your own books if you prefer!
  • You can easily skip lessons or repeat lessons, based upon your students’ needs
  • You don’t have to teach all 5 provided lessons each week!
  • You can mix and match lessons from different weeks within each unit
  • You can rearrange the units as necessary (I do recommend teaching the earlier units earlier in the year and the later units later in the year)

Here’s a peek at what’s included (these photos come from different units in the K, 1st, and 2nd grade series):

Materials to help you start your year off right and set up routines!

Detailed yet flexible lessons to teach your students essential strategies

Visuals to support the lessons

Easy-to-use assessment tools

Engaging supplementary activities and written response sheets


Frequently Asked Questions

What is shared reading? Is this the same thing as a reading workshop minilesson?

After hearing from so many teachers who are struggling to fit everything into the school day, I decided to combine my shared reading lessons and reading workshop minilessons into a single, powerful daily lesson.

These lessons have you lead students in a reading activity where students can clearly see the words of the text. You do some modeling but encourage students to participate in the reading process as much as possible. Each lesson focuses on a strategy that students can typically practice on their own as they read (or pretend-read) independently.

If you would like to teach a separate shared reading lesson and reading workshop minilesson, you can use my materials to do that too! (Instructions for doing so are included inside the units.)

How long will each lesson take?

The lessons are flexible and can be adjusted, but they usually take about 10-15 minutes.

What books will I need to teach these lessons?

You have so much flexibility in the books that you use! As long as you have a document camera or means of enlarging/projecting texts so students can read along, you can use any book that you like.

You usually use 1-2 books per week (although you can always adjust the number of text based on students’ needs and how often you do shared reading).

Here are my suggested text lists:


First grade:

Second grade:

Are the materials editable?

Each unit includes a link to editable copies of the lesson plans!

If I have a split-grade class, which bundle should I choose?

If you have a K/1 class, I recommend using the Kindergarten units. If you have a 1/2 class, I recommend using the first grade units—make sure to use small group instruction to challenge your second graders.

Where can I get these units?

You can learn more about them and purchase them HERE!

Let me know if you have any questions! Happy teaching!

Shared reading can be the rocket fuel that launches your students toward reading success. Click through to the post to read about shared reading units for Kindergarten, first grade, and second grade! 

Photo Credits:  Sunny studio; Shutterstock


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4 years ago

Hi Allison,
Many of the book titles look like they come from a guided reading set. Are these titles from your guided reading book set that you created or another set? What do you suggest using to supplement these books if I don’t have them? Are they included in your kindergarten shared reading bundle?

3 years ago

Is this the same as your Reading Workshop Curriculum? I bought that one a few years ago. Or is this an update? I am looking for some of these graphics, specifically the reading strategy menu. Thank you.

J Gao
3 years ago

Hello, how would you recommend combining/using these with the Lucy Calkin RW mini lessons?

Reply to  J Gao

Hi there! I have not personally used or read the Teachers’ College reading workshop mini-lessons. I do know that they follow a workshop model, just like my flexible shared reading lessons.


I’m Alison, a literacy specialist. I love getting kids excited about reading and writing – and sharing teaching ideas with other teachers!

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