GRō: My Favorite Guided Reading and Small Group Planning App for Teachers

Do you wish you could spend less time planning for guided reading? Easily save your lesson plans for future reference? Have student data at your fingertips?

If so, you are going to LOVE the GRō app!!Looking for a guided reading app? This one is the best! What is GRō?

GRō is an app designed just for teachers! It began as a guided reading app, but it can also be used to plan and organize lessons and assessment data for any type of small group instruction (guided math, anyone?!).

What makes GRō unique?

One of the things I love most about this app is that it was designed by a real teacher, Amanda! She was trying to keep her own guided reading lessons and data in order, and she wasn’t having much luck with general organization apps. She needed something JUST for teachers…so she created it. Amazing!

To learn more about Amanda’s story and how GRō can make your life easier, check out my interview with Amanda:

What all is included in the app?

Want to see more? Amanda created a video to walk you through the different features. You can check that out here:

Questions about GRō? Feel free to leave a comment, and Amanda or I will get back to you! Happy teaching!

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7 Responses to GRō: My Favorite Guided Reading and Small Group Planning App for Teachers

  1. Hi Cynthia and Aileen,

    This is Amanda. Thank you so much for asking your question! Currently GRō is only available for iOS devices like the iPhone and iPad. We’ve received a tremendous amount of interest from users asking for GRō to be available on Android devices, Chrome books, and other types of technology. In order to bring GRō to the most users as soon as possible, we are working on a “Web App” that will work on any device with internet – so a phone, computer, or tablet. While having a “native” Android app is the best solution for Android users, having access to a web app that you can use on both your computer and your mobile device will be great!

    With that said, I want to be honest with you – it’s incredibly hard work to build and maintain GRō on one platform (iOS) and the cost is steep. However, I really want to make the app available to all teachers and we started working on the Web App several months ago and have made great progress. While there’s not yet a timetable for providing the web app, we hope to open it up for beta testing in the coming months. I will do all that I can to get that built for you!

  2. This looks amazing! I am totally sold on this app.

    My fear is that I get excited, buy it and then don’t utilize it, properly. We don’t have the best internet/technology at my school, and I am a big paper and pencil person. I know I would not be goos at typing in anecdotal notes. Do they have to be typed in? Can a stylus be used? I am just wondering.

    Thank you for your dedication.

    Camille Fargo
    First grade teacher

    • Hey Camille! I believe that the notes have to be typed in, yes. Maybe Amanda can comment if she has any tips to make anecdotal note taking easy!


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